Welcome to Alkaviva Waters

Alkaviva Waters is a Sole Proprietorship company established October 2011 and founded by President PECEngr. MARIE GRACE QUINTERO CRISTOBAL who graduated Bachelors in Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering in Polytechnic University of the Philippines and finished her Masteral Degree in Business Administrations in University of Sto Tomas. Alkaviva Waters is engage in sales, technical and management of water refilling stations. Alkaviva Waters has known for competent distributors of Alkaline Ionized, Ultraviolet Disinfection, Reverse Osmosis System, Ozone Generators, Water Oxygenator, Ion Exchange Equipment’s, Household and Commercial Establishment Filtrations such as Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Malls and Bottling Systems.

We analyse your needs carefully

The company was started as water refilling station located at Sikatuna Village Quezon City. As nearby in Timog and Tomas Morato Quezon City we are catering 40 restaurants and produced 500 5-gallons container for safe drinking water per day. For this experienced Alkaviva Waters decided to share their blessings to other aspiring entrepreneurs. We have started to design a simple and not that much expensive water station setup. For 3 years, we are able to put up 580 water refilling stations all over the Philippines. We believed that continuously innovating and improving our technology when it comes to high quality and safe drinking water, that would be our edge for todays needs. We explored and introduced other products, anticipated market demands, and became trendsetter in this industry.

We provide best solutions

With demands in this water industry we have reliable sources in water treatment systems, our Engineers has focusing on Commercial and Industrial water treatment. We added new product lines such as Industrial Ice-maker Machine, Waste Water Facilities, installation and maintenance of Bottling System. Alkaviva Waters target is to provide good and quality drinking water here in the Philippines, competitive as foreign countries. We continuously innovate to be on top in this industry, and helping our fellow Filipinos to have their own profitable business in a lowest capital but with a standard set of equipments.


To reach out to more Filipinos from different parts of the country to have access to quality, healthy, potable water and to improve their in life


To reach out to more Filipinos from different parts of the country to have access to quality, healthy, potable water and to improve their in life


Alkaviva is a venture that one can quickly see as both daring and also fulfilling. It is daring because its millennial proponents, the Engineer couple, Grace and Louie Cristobal, both graduates from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines forged ahead and launched a water refilling and purification business (and more) in the midst of a crowded industry where competition is but a block away.Unswerving and determined to succeed, Grace reasoned that

“the country’s population is so big (so) that clean and safe …water is a necessity (for all).”

As the chief executive officer of ALKAVIVA, Grace believes that many players in the water refilling business are always welcome. Alkaviva is fulfilling an indispensable need, too, because it is a business that helps people from all walks of life who have various water needs – from water treatment to water refilling station installation, bottling, and waste water management.

The means by which Grace and her husband Louie conceptualized Alkaviva is in itself a fulfilling venture as well as miraculous. Beset by challenges, Grace and her husband have had their share of adversities years ago when she was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and gestational diabetes during her pregnancy with their first child. Giving up even when the going got tough back then was never in Grace’s vocabulary.

In a short span of time, ALKAVIVA became a byword, esteemed, trusted as the company is now serving (as of this writing) more than 6,000 dealers nationwide (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao), eversince the venture was started in 2011. Louie and Grace are engineers by profession, but despite the fact that Engr. Grace Cristobal had no background in sales, her unwavering faith in the Lord enabled her to push with sheer determination, patience and propel the family business forward. The couple’s unshakable belief that what they have to offer to the public is something that has better value .

“Grace and Louie Cristobal credit God for much of Alkaviva’s success because the birth pains of establishing Alkaviva , the struggles, the hungry years, and finally the rewards, because of relentless hard work and sleepless nights that were all part of their journey toward success (spiritually and emotionally) as a family.

Hard work, prayers, honesty, sound business practice were non-negotiable values that served as the foundation, alongside Grace’s natural acumen for the water refill business. It stepped up the client’s confidence on ALKAVIVA which later spread and helped the business to grow.

“Quality, consistency and customer satisfaction are words we take seriously at ALKAVIVA. We don’t compromise nor cut corners especially when it comes to quality. At all times, we inculcate in our staff the value of not compromising a single process because it will eventually degrade the standard of ALKAVIVA. Families trust ALKAVIVA to deliver, provide what we have committed on the outset. Doing one’s responsibility or work right, efficiently is being proactive. And For the business to remain more than just competitive, the entire company, starting with myself, Engr. Louie and then the employees, the partners must be of the same mindset: ‘Excellence is a way of life – no room for compromise.'”

Alkaviva is FDA-approved and certified. Undoubtedly a family business, It is their legacy to their children, employees, business partners, stakeholders, communities, and the Earth. Alkaviva is more than a name. It is anchored on the couple’s core values: professional integrity, business conduct, uncompromising standards regarding product and service offers, and fair treatment of employees. The adage, “water is life” led Engr. Grace had opined to her husband Engr.Louie Cristobal to venture beyond the many healing wonders of water. Reaping an verflow in blessings, Grace is a benevolent advocate of providing education to the less fortunate yet deserving students. This year alone, Grace awarded 200 scholarship grants to students from Antipolo, Cavite and Quezon City. The two year course/s in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Information Technology and Office Administration will help them secure work in those industries that have a steady demand for graduates in such courses. Not resting on their good Samaritan gesture, Grace’s kind heart was touched upon learning of the miserly state of the residents in a remote barrio in Antipolo. It’s been two years since, when the couple bestowed totally free, at no expense, a water refilling station in the said community where the residents have been denied access to clean, safe, potable water for many years. The relocated victims of typhoon Yolanda in Rosario, Cavite were also awarded a free water refilling station to help alleviate their living condition. “When you are blessed, it is but a natural thing to pay forward by sharing the healthy goodness of the water refilling business to our fellow Filipinos.” Grace’s low-key acts of charity stems from a humble heart, sincerely supported by her husband, both unaffected by the baubles and affluence. Her charm, humility, and openness radiate as clear as daylight. and to the many who are now satisfied franchisees of the ALKAVIVA water business, Engr. Grace Cristobal is inspiring. To them, she is the epitome of empowerment, for she endeavors to empower the marginalized, the women, the retired, millennials like herself and draws out the desire to have financial freedom and be productive contributors to our economy.