Alkaline vs Mineral

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From Irene:
Hi po, may water station po kami 2 yrs na po kaming nag ooperate, inaalok po kami ng franchiser namin na mag dagdag ng machine para sa alkaline pero nabasa ko po sa internet na mabilis masira ang alkaline katulad ng mineral, tutoo po ba?


Miss Irene,

Just want to clarify the term MASIRA that you mentioned about Mineral and Alkaline water.

In the first place, Alkaline water is a mineral water, however the difference is the mineral content.

In mineral water, you have both positive and negative minerals but in Alkaline, you have the positive minerals only.

About the concept the mabilis masira, I cannot imagine kung ano ang masisira, kasi the famous brand like Viva, Hidden Spring, Forest Spring and other bottled mineral water are not getting any negative comments about the quality kaya how is it possible na masira yung tubig.

Maybe you are referring to the off taste after you stock the mineral water for a couple of days, so it is not actually the quality issue of the said water but it is the systems used in processing mineral water.

If you will be using the right design for mineral water processing then there is no such thing as masisira.

Every water has its own quality so treatment should always vary depending on the said quality.

About the Alkaline water na masisira, actually it is the ORP that will goes up once it is stock for a longer period. Alkaline water should be having a negative ORP, can be -400 to -800,so,if it is stocked, then ORP will goes up, will be -200 or -100,therefore when it happens, the ability of water to donate electrons and neutralize the free radicals in the body will be lessen.

About your plans of having the alkaline machine, try to make a research about the unit that does the Alkaline Ionized water so that you can have a comparison before you decide.

Just remember, simple Alkaline Water has a PH of more than 7 but Alkaline Ionized Water, which was a Japanese Technology is not just having PH more than 7 but also oxygenated water, reduced molecular cluster and good ORP.

As far as Japanese technology is concern, you can only have true Alkaline Ionized Water if you will be using electrolysis process, it is the separation of the positive from the negative minerals.

Hope that I have enlightened you on your concern.